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Banners for Annual Events and for banners needing an area for changeable dates and info

Buying a new banner every time your event changes?
When you need a single banner for multiple events and venues, wecan help you to save by planning ahead.

LetterBank/GiralMedia has a few solutions when multi-use banners are required, and for when having something that may be easily changed makes sense.

To introduce the available options,
here's a basic list:

All-velcro or hook-and-loop banners
These are banners which have color-matching strips of velcro loop and are useable with panels that have Velcro hook applied or with die-cut plastic Velcro letter sets, available in 4" and 8" sizes. Sadly the manufacturer no longer makes this type of banner.

Combo Velcro and graphic banners
The combination banners are typically all-graphic (from your layout file and photos) and have an area where an element is changeable. This can be a date panel, a venue or an event heading, however you wish to design it. You can send your rough mock-up for a price quote and project-specific recommendations, too.

Multi-Part Banners
The LetterBank design has become fairly popular, as it allows for the use of a larger banner, featuring the organization/sponsor, the graphics and other non-changing information, and a smaller banner adjacent with the information pertinent to this event. The financial advantage is that you only need to replace the smaller banner, and not spend money again and again for the main part (the larger banner). This works well with frames and stands designed for this, see further below for more information.

Here are typical ways to have a banner displayed:

Wall tack is a banner made of a thin, self-adhesive material with a removable adhesive, made specifically for adhering to an average painted wall. For indoor and temporary outdoor use.
Available here

Although not technically a banner, there are similar options for windows using static-cling vinyl in our Window Banners  and in a new translucent clear window graphic banner in addition to our tried-and-true screen (perforated vinyl) window graphics.

Grommets: These are reinforced holes punched into a banner. This makes the banner appear inexpensive and can actually allow a banner to be pulled apart by wind when stretched incorrectly outdoors.

Stands and Displays: There are various sizes of banner stands and displays, for mounting banners with a pole sleeve top. A pole sleeve is preferable to grommets, as the banner drapes form the sleeve and is not stressed by wind or incorrectly fastened ropes.

Dowels/curtain rods: This is another way to display pole-sleeve banners that may be appropriate to a more dignified/upscale appearance.

Cross-street banners: These are rugged outdoor banners usually made to clip onto an existing cross-street cable, and featuring wind slits. Usually these require bulldog or navy clips on all corners. We have made so many that we're now experts! Send your requirements for a fast price quote.

Pole Banners: Designed for mounting onto light post or specialty pole posts. These have pole sleeves on the top and bottom lengths of the banner.

For additional information or to request a price quote, contact LetterBank.


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